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My Dear Friends

Please use these prayers on Sunday and regularly throughout the week to remember our families and friends, community and Country.

Pray for those affect by the Corona Virus isolated at home or being treated in hospital.

For those that will be asked to isolate in the coming days to keep them safe - older adults and those with health issues.

For children who do not understand what is happing but sense the fear and apprehension and are afraid for the well-being of their parents and grandparents.

For young people due to sit exams at School, College or University – for the uncertainty of how this will affect future university or career plans.

For weddings and family celebrations cancelled or postponed. For the impact on funeral gatherings and memorial services for those who have been bereaved.

At this time of crisis

Pray for the homeless and those reliant on the food bank.

May we continue to support them through our giving.

Pray for the nurses, doctors and all health and care staff working in the front line of our NHS and those in care homes and clinics still trying to provide health care to those that need it.

Pray for our Government in Westminster and Holyrood as decisions are made to try and contain or control this virus.

While we have many requests and concerns in our prayers, let’s not forget to give thanks to God for the acts of kindness that we are seeing all over the world, people working together helping one another.

The fact that China is returning to a degree of normality and they are reporting that  less people are being affected.

There is hope of a vaccine or medicine being developed to reduce the effects of this illness and we give thanks for all those who are prepared to volunteer be used to test these drugs.

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