Conservation Repairs to the Church

Work is commencing on important conservation repairs to the Church on Erskine Ferry Road.

Conservation repairs on structures such as these are generally costly, and we are delighted to be receiving considerable assistance from Patersons Quarries Ltd towards the funding of this first stage of the project.

The funding is being provided through the Scottish Landfill Communities Fund, and has been facilitated by the very welcome assistance of LandTrust, an Approved Body registered with SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency), which regulates the Scheme in Scotland.

Property Convenor, Ian Earnshaw, confirms that “The Church is delighted to receive this assistance from Patersons Quarries Ltd.The Church has weathered well for over 200 years, but – like all structures – requires periodic sympathetic repairs in order to keep it in good condition. This first stage of our project will bring back to a good condition the most visible – and difficult to access! – parts of the oldest structure, and will help it to withstand the onslaught of our colder and wetter winters.”

Patersons Quarries Ltd provides funding awards through the Scottish Landfill Communities Fund – an important source of funding which came into effect in April 2015.  The scheme is linked to the Scottish Landfill Tax and encourages landfill site operators to provide contributions to approved bodies, who can then pass the funds onto community and environmental projects.

There also may be an opportunity for interested persons to go up the scaffold for a look up close. This would have to be in agreement with the contractor, but hopefully he’ll be pleased to host any persons with a genuine interest in architecture and/or building maintenance. There won't be another opportunity like this for many years to come!