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A Message from the Minister


My Dear Friends,


This has been an extremely challenging week for everyone, since our service on Sunday much has happened in relation to the implications of the Coronavirus and the threat to each of us, our families, community and church.


As directed by the Kirk Session on Sunday I have formed a small group of advisors who have a wide range of background skills in health and community care. We met on Tuesday evening and in accordance to the Church of Scotland recommendation we will be cancelling and suspending our Sunday morning Worship at both the EBS at The Cornerstone and 11am Service in the Church until further notice.


This also includes all Holy Week and Easter Services.


We are looking into ways of broadcasting a short service via the website like we have at present but have it on the site for Sunday morning to encourage our members to gather together all be it at home and to pray and have a short time of reflection.


The Moderator has also designated Sunday to be a day of prayer and I will aim to put some prayers on the webpage and Facebook.


I am aware not everyone has internet access or Facebook so we are planning to have the church open this Sunday morning between 10:50 am and 11:20 am for any one who may wish to come along for a short time of private prayer or personal contemplation.


We will be trying to use all the means we can to keep in touch with all our members; can I encourage you to phone your neighbours,  friends and those you sit beside in the church. Keep in in touch and keep praying for each other.


These are uncertain and difficult times for all of us and we need to stay strong in our faith, to keep our trust in God and to help one another to get through this.


Psalm 46 states “God is our shelter and strength always ready to help in times of trouble. So do not be afraid, The Lord Almighty is with us.”


God Bless



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