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Organ Music by Marjory Ross

To keep you entertained during these times, please find a compilation of organ music by Marjory Ross on the link below.

Organ Music by Marjory Ross

This compilation of music played by Marjory Ross on the organ at Bishopton Parish Church was
compiled in February 2020, before the “lock down” arising from the Corona-Virus epidemic on
March 2020.

The reason for making up this compilation was primarily due to making better use of the new sound
technology available to us and to possibly reducing the burden of playing the organ for both normal
and extraordinary services at the Church.
But an even better reason was to celebrate the many years of service given to the Church by
Marjory, mostly at the current Church building on Erskine Ferry Road, but also before that at the
Rossland Church in Newton Road, Bishopton.
Marjory must be one of the least “stuffy” organists playing in any Church. While perfectly capable of
playing “serious” Church music, she is legendary in Bishopton for playing a wide range of music, from
classical, through “Showtime” to outright “Pop”, thereby ensuring that worshippers at the Church
always leave with a spring in their step and a lightening of the cares of the week.
In her own words, extracted from The Network Magazine of August 3rd
2017, and her own notes:-

“I am a born and bred Bishoptonite, where I have lived for all my life apart from a 2 year
spell in Glasgow.

I quite enjoyed school and after leaving Bishopton Primary went to Camphill High School in

After leaving school I worked for the Electricity Board for 9 years as a Switchboard Operator
then a Receptionist in the Commercial and Meter departments. I left work in 1962 to have
my first son Paul, and then took over playing the organ in Rossland Church. I filled in at
Rossland Church one Sunday and really enjoyed the experience! I then had a few lessons to
learn the differences in touch between the organ and piano. I continued as organist at
Rossland until the Union of Rossland with Bishopton Church in 1970.
There was already an organist at Bishopton and fortunately I was then chosen to be the
organist – I wasn’t sure which organist would get the post! I was very lucky and the rest is

I have played modern and pop music, which I’m sure wouldn’t appeal to everyone, but I liked
the music I played. I also like brass band music and music by Queen!
The CD I have recorded is a mixture of Hymns and lovely pieces of music. Two of my
favourites are “Canon in D” by Pachelbell and “Highland Cathedral”
I’ve been playing the organ now for 58 years in total; that’s a long while, but I enjoy every

Track List
1. Hymn – God forgave me my sins
2. Hymn – Be still for the presence of the Lord
3. Canon in D – Pachelbell
4. Hymn – Thou hidden love
5. Bach Cantata 156 – Ariosa
6. Hymn – Make me a channel of your peace
7. Charles Massenet – Meditation
8. Hymn – My life flows on
9. Franz Liszt – Liebestraum
10. Hymn – Love Divine
11. Faure – Sicilliene
12. Hymn – Jesus shall reign
13. Handel – Largo
14. Hymn – Greatness and Majesty
15. Ashokan Farewell
16. Hymn – summer suns are glowing
17. Loch Maree
18. Hymn – As we are gathered
19. Lascia chia Pianga
20. Highland Cathedral