General Information

Sunday Kidz (SK) is the group of young church members who meet during the Sunday morning worship. At the beginning of the service, the children sit at the front of the church with the SK leaders (Linda, Janice and Laura). After Yvonne’s worship introduction and ‘Small Talk’ the children move to the Extension Hall to take part in SK activities.

Children of Primary 1 – 7 are all welcome to join this enthusiastic group. Parents should feel comfortable staying with their children.

The SK leaders deliver a planned programme in liaison with the Minister and Youth Committee. The weekly activities are mostly based on an excellent resource, Spill the Beans. This has been compiled by volunteers who have connections with the Church of Scotland. The central ethos of the resource is ‘It is all about story ‘; the writers believe that giving stories to all ages is hugely important in the sharing of our faith. Guidance for each week provides a selection of ideas and creative activities, allowing the story to be explored.

Other activities may be organised at various stages of the year to mark events / occasions; such activities may be held outdoors.

The SK programme of activities excludes the first Sunday of each month and, also, any dates inclusive of school holidays.

On the FIRST SUNDAY of each month, children are welcome to attend the informal Early Bird Service in The Cornerstone from 0920. At this service children should be accompanied by a parent / guardian.

Sunday of each MonthChildren attend…Time
1stEBS at The Cornerstone, Greenock RdFrom 0920 – 1020
All other SundaysSK at Church Bdg, Ferry Rd1100 – 1200

If interested in further information, please contact Linda Nicholl at or 07970826090 / 01505863046. Please spread the news of the availability of this very important group within our church community.


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