Citizens Advice Q&A Issue 1

I’ll turn 55 in September and I’m thinking about accessing a small workplace pension as a lump sum. I work part-time and receive Universal Credit. Will this change what I’m entitled to?

You didn’t mention how much you expect to receive however, Universal Credit is a “means tested” benefit so can be affected by any income or savings you have. If you haven’t already we would suggest taking advantage of the free pension guidance appointment offered by MoneyHelper. They will discuss with you the various options you have for accessing your pension, tax implications and impact on benefit entitlements. You can make an appointment by calling 0800 138 3944. If you know exactly how much you will receive you can make an appointment with the Bureau for a benefit check by calling 0141 889 2121.


I had a flight booked from Glasgow to Paris in July, however, the airline cancelled my flight with less than 24 hours notice which meant I had to cancel my whole trip. The airline is now refusing to refund me. I’ve spent hours sending emails to the airline but I’m not getting anywhere. What are my rights? Can I escalate my complaint to someone else?

You are legally entitled to a full refund for your flights. Depending on the reason for cancellation of your flight you may also be entitled to compensation. More information can be found at

If you are unhappy with the response from your airline you should check if the airline is a member of an approved alternative dispute resolution (ADR) body. If they are, your next step would be taking your complaint to the ADR body. If they’re not a member of an ADR body you can report your issue to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The CAA’s passenger advice and complaints team will deal with your complaint.


My local bus service has been unreliable for years. The buses are frequently very late or just don’t show up at all. I rely on public transport to get home and with the winter approaching I’m becoming more concerned that I’ll end up stranded somewhere. I have complained to the company but they didn’t even respond. Who else can I complain to?

in the first instance complaints should always be made the bus company. Your complaint should include specifics such as the date and time of your journey, the service you were waiting for and if possible the registration number of the bus or the driver number.

As you have already complained to the company and didn’t get a response you may wish to contact “Bus Users Scotland” they work with the Government, local transport authorities and bus companies to improve standards for bus passengers. Bus Users Scotland is independent and impartial and will deal with your complaint at no cost. To escalate a complaint to them you must already have complained to the bus company and given them 14 working days to respond. Also, they can only deal with complaints about issues which have occurred during the past 12 months. You can contact Bus Users Scotland by calling 0300 111 0001 or emailing