We can’t advance by standing still.

There will always be new ways coming along of working to engage our Congregation, Parishioners,  and other users, and statutory requirements change over time, so we need to be aware of what will need to be done to keep our properties safe and relevant for current and future uses.

We maintain a 5-year look-ahead budget, so that we can try to anticipate the need for fund-raising activities and work with our Treasury Team to manage cash flow and project outcomes.

The most substantial project undertaken in the “current” history of the Parish was the complete refurbishment of The Cornerstone, completed in 2007. This was a visionary project and has served the Congregation and the community well ever since.

Since then, we’ve had to attend to overdue conservation works at the Church building, and to improve accessibility at both buildings. Along the way, we’ve found time to improve heating systems at all buildings, get all our electrical systems up to date, install and improve audio-visual systems at both main properties, and … and …!!

Here’s a short list of some of our more substantial projects (click on them for more detail).

  • 2014 – Church Extension Hall re-roofing
  • 2014 – Organ replacement
  • 2017 – Church heating replacement
  • 2018 – Church Tower masonry conservation
  • 2019 – Church Audio-visual system
  • 2021 – Church Masonry Phase 2
  • 2023 – Church Masonry Final Phase