Congregational Board

Historically, the Church of Scotland has operated with four different types of Constitutions and the form of Constitution under which Bishopton Parish Church operates is known as the Quoad Sacra or the Model Deed of Constitution.   This separates the temporal [property and finance] from the spiritual, with these aspects being dealt with by the Congregational Board and the Kirk Session respectively.

As mentioned above, the Congregational Board is the group responsible for the temporal affairs of the church and is made up of elected office bearers and ordained elders.   The Board is led by the Minister [Moderator or Chair (person)] and the Clerk to the Board and committees are formed to administer the duties associated with the effective every-day operation of the church.

The main committees are as follows:-Property Committee, Finance Committee and Halls Committee.

The Congregational Board meets as often as required to conduct the business of the church and has a Stated Annual Meeting each year to which all members are invited, thus allowing them to see and participate in the management of the church and to elect new members to the ‘Board’

Clerk to Congregational Board:      Des. Nicholl